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Established in the heart Of Doha, We take pride in being your trusted cargo service provider who deliver all over the world since 1991 to date, Ambassador Cargo, Owned by Mr. MOHAMED JABR SULTAN AL-KUWARI from Bin Tawar family is a pioneer in the Freight Forwarding and Our wings also expand in all the logistics Support. At present we are on the top listed Freight forwarding company in Qatar for both Commercial and personal cargo Move. We Provide Door to Door services all over the world for Personal Cargo and commercial Cargo with the support of our strong agents in all Countries especially China, UK, Germany , all Europe countries, USA , Canada, Australia ,Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India , Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal Africa, other countries in Far east and Asian Countries . Our Strong Global Network with the Leading Freight Forwarding Companies in the world is Our major strength and our professionals who have years of experience in Cargo Service field and intuitive care for most detailed customer needs are the heroes behind our success story!


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