How To Fix Shockwave Player Crashes In Google Chrome

I think i have the most up to date of both, and it crashes for me as well. The problem of Shockwave Flash has crashed in Google Chrome can be resolved, to check if Shockwave Flash in Chrome browser is still there or not, please go to YouTube or Adobe Flash website. The next step is to disable the default Shockwave Flash Chrome. How to know it’s default chrome with the other? See the location of the folder as shown above . After appearing the page plugin, there are Flash Plugin , then please feel free to search and click the [+] symbol for Details.

No beeps, no cursor, no logo screen, and no choice to boot to safe mode or access the bios. If you have updated your operating system, apps, anti-virus software, and any drivers and your system is still having performance issues, try these options. A driver is a piece of software that tells a specific hardware component how to run.

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The solution is straightforward, disable the plugin that’s provided in Chrome internally. Once you are done with this method 1, relaunch the Chrome browser and check whether shockwave flash on Chrome is still crashing.

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I have downloaded a new edition of shockwave but have not yet had a chance to see if it corrects the problem. I did notice on the net a lot of reports of recent shockwave crashes when it is used with chrome; which is what I have been using. I do not have them, as I’m running 64-bit Linux, all the browsers I’m using are native 64-bit, and the 64-bit flashplugin.

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